1. Before a potential member/applicant may submit an application for membership, he must attend at least one (1) meeting
    2. Only AFTER attending a meeting can a potential member/applicant submit an application for membership (application may be submitted after the adjournment of the meeting he has attended)
    3. Once a membership application is submitted, the application will be read at the next two following months meetings (i.e., it cannot be read at the same meeting where it has been submitted, as it can only be submitted after adjournment of an attended meeting)
    4. The meeting notices for the months where the application will be read/voted on will note the applicants’ name(s)
    5. Member applicants will be added to our electronic list to receive upcoming Meeting Notices
    6. After being read at two separate meetings following submission, the application is to be voted on. Application may be voted on at the meeting of the second reading
    7. The applicant must be present for the second reading and subsequent vote on his application
    8. New members, whose applications are accepted into membership (voted on) after September 30, will have their pre-paid dues applied to the following year.
    9. The secretary will notify all member applicants of their status via electronic media (e.mail) or snail mail following the meeting at which their application was brought to the membership for a vote. The member applicant shall NOT be notified verbally during the meeting at which the vote was taken.
    10. The Monthly Meeting Agenda will be modified so that the voting on Membership Applications will be the last item on the Agenda.


Click here to download the application for membership:

  1. Membership Application2021